With an investment of 40 million dollars, the production area of 50 thousand square meters ...

Milkman Milk and Milk Products Inc., a Saray Holding company; Was established in September 2014 to produce milk, milk fruit drinks, ayran, butter, cream, milk powder, differentiated cheese and innovative milk.
Saray Milkman now has a capacity of 300 tons of milk processing per day. With the completion of the second stage investments, it aims to reach the capacity of 650 tons per day.

Milkman, which has Turkey's newest and most modern milk and milk products facilities, processes the most natural, pure, healthiest milk from Taurus Mountains in its modern facilities and brings it to consumers as innovative and differentiated products. 

Milkman offers innovative products that are delicious, popular and reliable with its high technology and strong R & D infrastructure by making healthy, hygienic, natural and efficient production in the milk and dairy products sector. Milkman is exported to many countries.

Saray Milkman products, which are located in many national and local chain markets, including around 10 thousand in the country, also meet with consumers in countries such as Pakistan, Dubai, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Libya and Palestine.

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